Crisis Health Tips / Florida Cryptids

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Crisis Health Tips / Florida Cryptids

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In the first half, herbalist Sara Chana discussed nutritional items and herbs people should have in their homes during quarantine days and how to be more prepared for the next crisis. Speaking from Brooklyn, she reported that many of her neighbors and clients have symptoms of the coronavirus, including herself. She characterized the illness as coming in waves, with a person starting to feel better after a few days, only to have symptoms return full force. One of the telltale signs is that people tend to lose their sense of taste and smell, she cited, something that doesn't typically happen with the flu. Herbs helpful for strengthening immunity include andrographis (known for its antiviral properties) and astragalus (which helps stimulate the immune system), she detailed.

It's important to stay hydrated, she added. Smoothies with fresh or frozen fruit can be a good source of vitamins like C and D. To make your own Vitamin D, you can slice some ordinary mushrooms and leave them in a tray in the sun, and they will absorb the healthful sunshine, she shared. Medicinal mushrooms like reishi and chaga have been around for thousands of years and are also supportive of the immune system, Chana mentioned. During the pandemic, it's vital to be proactive, she advised, rather than paralyzed with fear. She makes available additional immune and first aid tips in this article.


In the latter half, cryptozoology expert at Florida Keys Community College, Scott Marlowe, described sightings of various cryptids including the Florida Swamp Ape, chupacabras, Hogzilla, and sea monsters. He's concluded that such mysterious creatures are entirely physical in nature rather than supernatural, and approaches his studies in a scientific manner. In Florida alone, there are some 23 different types of cryptids, he noted, though often cases include misidentified creatures which may have injuries that make their appearance look strange. The Swamp Ape has been spotted in a number of areas in Florida, especially parts of the Everglades, he said.

The Bigfoot-like Swamp Ape walks upright and is about the height of a human. "I have unequivocal tracks from them in my collection," he reported. Marlowe theorizes that they descended from the Oreopithecus (an extinct species of hominid primates), and they migrated down the Atlantic coast, staying in wet or swampy areas. He estimated there could be a couple thousand of them, and noted that their fur coats were lighter than Bigfoot or Sasquatch because of living in warmer climates. Speaking of Hogzilla, he characterized them as gigantic feral boars, weighing up to two tons. They can be dangerous if cornered, he warned, and have huge tusks that could gore a person.

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