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Financial Astrology / NDEs & Angelic Encounters

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Mitchell Scott Lewis has been a professional astrologer in New York City for more than two decades, specializing in financial astrology and medical chart interpretation. In the first half, he discussed what he sees in charts for the markets, cryptocurrencies, world events, and the rest of 2021. Astrologers deal in cycles that tend to reoccur, he noted, and right now, with Uranus in Taurus, we're in a time when our values change, both financially and socially. We see "meme" stocks like GameStop and AMC increasing in price during this cycle because Internet buyers are banding together for the first time rather than hedge fund traders-- an example of a re-ordering of values. A previous cycle of Uranus in Taurus was in the 1930s when Roosevelt famously put millions to work with public works projects, he cited.

Lewis looked at the astrology chart for bitcoin and found it had Saturn in opposition to Uranus, which was the case for the financial crash of 2008. By its very nature, bitcoin is "erratic, unpredictable," he commented, and may still be overvalued at its current price (down half from its high in April). We could be on the edge of something concerning when Uranus goes into Gemini in 2025, he added. Speaking of droughts in the American Southwest, he cautioned that water is becoming a traded commodity, and if these dry spells continue, agriculture production could be hit hard. The eclipse from two weeks ago featured prominently in America's chart, Lewis remarked, adding that it suggests a time when things in the shadows are revealed, and there is an opportunity to make changes.


Certified medium, angel intuitive, and spiritual coach, Michelle Clare talked about communications with angels, the Other Side, and her three near-death experiences (NDEs), which changed her life and enhanced her psychic abilities. In the first NDE, during a sudden seizure, she found herself with her deceased grandmother in a white room with walls that were radiating with light. She looked up and saw an angel that was between 12-14 ft. tall, whose wings seemed to be made of iridescent light rather than feathers. Telepathically, the entity said her name was Madeline, and she was one of her guardian angels.

In Clare's second NDE, during surgery, she found herself running on a beach with her dog, where all was radiating with light. The NDEs, she believes, subsequently heightened her telepathic communications with angels. "I learned quickly that angels speak in many different ways (almost like separate languages)," she said. She characterized these beings as "phenomenal communicators" who can use tones, words, feelings, and energy to convey their concepts. Describing the spirit world, she said that "every molecule or cell is alive," and there is a strong sense of completeness and love. In the last hour, she gave readings for callers, relaying messages from their deceased loved ones and relatives.

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