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Steven Parsons is an investigator & researcher of ghosts, hauntings and related human experiences. He is an advisor on numerous paranormal documentary shows for UK & overseas broadcast networks including: the Discovery Network, National Geographic, the BBC, and ITV. He has also appeared & advised on popular paranormal 'edutainment' shows for UK & overseas TV including "Most Haunted," "I'm Famous & Frightened," and "Paranormal Investigation Live." He is currently the co-host of the popular international weekly radio show Ghost Chronicles International.



Past shows:

Acoustics & the Paranormal/ Open Lines

Filling in for George, Dave Schrader (email) welcomed Steven Parsons, an investigator of ghosts, hauntings and related experiences, and parapsychology researcher Cal Cooper. They discussed their new book on acoustics of the paranormal, Paracoustics, comprised of contributed... More »

Last Night

Cybersecurity expert Kevin Mitnick discussed cybercrime and protecting ourselves against it. Followed by researcher Howard Martin, who shared the science linking heart function with health, emotional well-being, and intelligence.

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