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Vernon Mahabal is the founder and director of the Palmistry Institute in San Francisco. The objectives of the Palmistry Institute are to further new advances in the field of hand analysis and to serve as a research and information resource. Its purpose is to restore the practice of palmistry to its rightful place as a respected and esteemed science. In 1979 he began formal training in Vedic (Eastern) cosmology which took him to India many times. He combines Western astrological palmistry with Chinese elemental hand analysis. He also continues new research, particularly within the field of fingerprints (dermatoglyphics). Mahabal has read thousands of hands, given hundreds of lectures and trained hundreds of students to read hands. Vernon also hosted his own national cable show called The Palmistry Show with Vernon Mahabal .



Past shows:

Biblical Prophecy & Current Events / Powerful Palmistry

Investigative journalist Troy Anderson discussed how AI, digital currency, and globalization are referenced in biblical prophecy. Followed by Palmistry Institute founder Vernon Mahabal on palm-reading concepts and techniques. More »

Cardiac Health / Palmistry & Trends

Cardiologist Dr. Steven Sinatra discussed the mind/body connection related to heart disease and shared tips on diet and supplements. Followed by author Vernon Mahabal on palmistry trends and insights for the year ahead. More »

Transforming the Mind / Palmistry & Predictions

NLP coach Meredith Herrenbruck offered tips on how transform the mind and heal traumas. Followed by Vernon Mahabal with palmistry revelations and predictions. More »

Alternative Health / Palmistry & Predictions

Dr. Joel Wallach shared alternative health approaches. In the latter half, Vernon Mahabal, founder and director of the Palmistry Institute in Los Angeles, discussed the practice of palm reading. More »

Alternative Health Tips / Palmistry & Predictions

Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts. Followed by Vernon Mahabal on palm reading and predictions. More »

Secret Door Special XX

George Noory welcomed four surprise guests: Actor/musician Bill Mumy; podcaster Jim Harold; palm reader Vernon Mahabal; and author Lionel Fanthorpe. More »

Palmistry Techniques/ Open Lines

Palmist Vernon Mahabal discussed palmistry and its connection to astrology, as well as read Ian Punnett's palm (related photos). Open Lines followed. More »

Geoengineering Update

Researcher and activist Dane Wigington discussed the devastating effects of geoengineering and how the planet may be headed for environmental apocalypse. More »

Financial Outlook/ Palmistry & Trends

In the first half, financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts joined George in the studio to discuss the outlook for the US and world economies, and what the economy will look like under the next American president. In the latter half, founder and director of the Palmistry... More »

EMP Dangers/ Palmistry

Professor of History, William R. Forstchen, discussed the looming dangers of an EMP attack, as well as a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) or huge solar flare which could knock out the electrical grid. In the latter half, founder of the Palmistry Institute in LA, Vernon... More »

Palmistry/ Open Lines

In the first half of the program, host Richard Syrett welcomed founder and director of the Palmistry Institute, Vernon Mahabal, who discussed the practice of palm reading. Open Lines followed in the latter half. More »

'Dollar Democracy'/ Palmistry

In the first half, college professor and political analyst Peter Mathews discussed the widening split between the rich and poor, and how America has become a "dollar democracy," with liberty and justice only for some of its citizens. In the latter half, founder of the... More »

Male & Female Psychology/ Palmistry Trends

In the first half, internationally recognized expert in the fields of communication and relationships, John Gray PhD., discussed innate differences between men and women as related to workplace problems. In the latter half, founder of the Palmistry Institute, Vernon... More »

Astrological Palmistry

Filling in for George Noory, John B. Wells welcomed astrological palmist, Vernon Mahabal, who discussed the science behind reading hands, and some of the surprising things his reads have revealed to him. Open Lines followed. More »

Scariest Moments

During Open Lines, George offered a 'scariest moment' hotline. James in San Diego said he was tormented by visitations from a dark entity over the course of two to three months in 1975. He described the entity as human-shaped, wearing a hood and colored with different swirls... More »

Last Night

Researcher Steve Goreham presented his views on climate change, and why he is skeptical that global warming is due to human causes. Followed by the Carefree Medium, Susanne Wilson, on working with spirit guides.

More »


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