Paul Hamden

Paul Hamden


Paul Hamden is a lifelong contactee of the Zeta race and a deep trance medium. He also works with spirit guides to assist others. Paul has been visited by the Zetas since when he was 18 months old. In 1978, he and three friends witnessed a cigar-shaped craft no more than 8 meters away. In 2013 in New South Wales, Paul arranged for a craft to come – it physically landed with around 20 people present; the beings came out of the craft and walked around the people.

Paul’s relationship with the Zetas entered into a conscious two-way interactive training process some 25 years ago, which facilitated Kathleen Marden's healing. Through Paul, the Zeta’s have communicated much information that has been studied by a scientist, and many books have been published. Two books in particular - "A Primer of the Zeta Race" and "The Zeta Interviews,"have been given freely since 2013. Other books are “The Zeta Mind” and "Inside the Hive Mind" (co-author Syann Hamden) – Paul’s journey with the Zetas.



Past Shows:

  • Food Production & Prices / Zeta Contactees

    Farmer and author Joel Salatin discussed the rise in food prices, and farming practices. Followed by contactees Paul and Syann Hamden on their interactions with the Zeta aliens.More »

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