Syann Hamden

Syann Hamden


Syann Hamden is a lifelong contactee of the Zeta race and has clear conscious recall of her contact from 4yrs of age. Her memories include many experiences onboard craft with the same beings that she now works with. She is also a deep trance medium that has worked with spirit for 30 years. Utilizing their connection to the Zetas and spirit, Syann and her partner Paul Hamden, work to mentor and support experiencers of extraterrestrial and paranormal contact. Syann also works with the Zetas to create privately commissioned channeled paintings which act as a tool for people to connect to their point of origin race.

Syann & Paul’s website contains a lot of information about the Zetas and includes free publications and videos for people to engage with. They run private and group training and mentor sessions to empower people to develop their own natural abilities and offer monthly member sittings for people to speak to the Zeta beings and their spirit guides.



Past Shows:

  • Food Production & Prices / Zeta Contactees

    Farmer and author Joel Salatin discussed the rise in food prices, and farming practices. Followed by contactees Paul and Syann Hamden on their interactions with the Zeta aliens.More »

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