Robert Bosnak

Robert Bosnak


Since 1972, Zurich-trained Jungian analyst Robert Bosnak has led dream groups and explored dreaming with individuals, in both analytical and didactic contexts, developing a method called Embodied Imagination. The method works with dreams and waking memories, and is practiced individually and in groups in psychotherapy, medicine, theater, art, and creative research. It has been used as a rehearsal technique of the Royal Shakespeare Company in England, applied in medical research and psychotherapy in Japan, China, and a variety of locations in the Western world. It is the focus of the dreamwork at the Santa Barbara and Malinalco Healing Sanctuaries.

Robert is s co-founder of the International Society for Embodied Imagination, the National Nightmare Hotline (866-DRMS911), and since 1997, Cyberdreamwork.comHe is past president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and was visiting Professor of Clinical Psychology at Kyoto University in Japan. He is now based in Santa Barbara, California where he is the Executive Director of the Santa Barbara and Malinalco Healing Sanctuaries. He is in private practice in Los Angeles.



Past Shows:

  • Alchemy & Dream Therapy / Weather Modification

    Psychoanalyst Robert Bosnak spoke about the dream-oriented Embodied Imagination (EI) method and the creative imagination. Followed by researcher and activist Dane Wigington on geoengineering, weather modification, and chemtrails.More »

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