Alchemy & Dream Therapy / Weather Modification

Alchemy & Dream Therapy / Weather Modification


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsRobert Bosnak, Dane Wigington

A Zurich-trained Jungian psychoanalyst for over 40 years, Robert Bosnak pioneered the dream-oriented Embodied Imagination (EI) method used widely in psychotherapy and applied worldwide to a variety of creative endeavors. In the first half, he discussed the nature of alchemy and creative imagination and how they relate to dreams. The EI method works on the principle that if you go deep into your imagination, it can physically affect your body and mind. Dreaming, he noted, is the purest form of the "involuntary imagination" where you suddenly find yourself in an environment that feels entirely real. The technique of dream incubation can be an effective tool for influencing our dream environments, he added.

Bosnak said he trains patients on how to reenter or flashback into their dreams in order to work on issues or themes that a dream is presenting. This is accomplished, he explained, through the use of the hypnagogic state (between waking and sleeping), where you can access dream imagery and, most importantly, move through different perspectives beyond just yourself. This gives a fresh view of the dream and the world, he pointed out. His fiction book series, Red Sulpher, explores 17th-century alchemy (turning lead into gold, sickness into health) and the historical characters who conducted experiments, some of whom used imagination and dreams. Bosnak said he made use of the Embodied Imagination technique to develop the characters for the novels.


Researcher and activist Dane Wigington has been documenting disturbing changes in the environment called geoengineering. This includes techniques such as chemtrails and HAARP, as well as GMO crops. In the latter half, he presented the case that current weather anomalies worldwide are being engineered. According to Wigington, the stated purpose of geoengineering is to fill the sky with sprayed particles that will slow down global warming. "But I would argue...there's no benevolence to these programs whatsoever," he stated. He believes the dire drought conditions in California and the US West are due to climate engineering, as well as the increase in forest fires, storms, and temperature extremes.

Wigington contends that the agenda behind geoengineering is to dumb down the population and mire them in a struggle to survive, which makes them easier to manipulate or control. He detailed findings of a NASA study that looked at the idea of filling the atmosphere with light-scattering particles to create a global "dimming effect." They concluded it would only work for 2-3 years and would be "followed by a protracted and accelerated warming and a complete decimation of the ozone layer," Wigington warned. He also spoke about climate modification efforts in China-- "engineered surface cooldowns" that created artificial snowstorms, which led to a billion dollars worth of damage in Beijing. For more, visit Wigington's YouTube channel, which features their full-length documentary, "The Dimming."

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