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Shane Sams

Shane Samspicture


Shane Sams helps those that are "stuck" financially due to COVID, COVID-related issues and more using one's own "God-given talents." His answer to creating new streams of cash flow in today's world has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and Huffington Post. He and his wife Jocelyn created Flipped Lifestyle, making their living selling digital products online through membership websites. Former teachers, they built a business allowing them to quit their day jobs, spend more time with their family, and earn passive income on the internet.


Past shows:

New Income Streams / Psychic Detective Cases

Shane Sams discussed his strategies to help anyone create and grow an online business to get back on track and plan for the future. Psychic Pam Coronado described her work locating victims of crimes and finding missing hikers. More »


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