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New Income Streams / Psychic Detective Cases

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Date Host Connie Willis
Guests Shane Sams, Pam Coronado

Shane Sams helps those that are "stuck" financially using one's own "God-given talents." He joined Connie Willis (info) in the first half to discuss his strategies to help anyone create and grow an online business to get back on track and plan for the future. Sams recalled the event that started him and his wife on a path to independence when his boss refused to let him take care of a family emergency, saying "you're going to have to handle your personal problems outside of work." At that point, he thought, "I'm going to go out and create a better life for myself."

For months, Sams wracked his brain for inspiration on how to escape his stifling job, and had almost given up, until he realized that his fledgling online business had made 11 cents. He told his wife, "if we can make 11 cents, we can make 11 dollars, and we can make $1100." Sams soon hit on the idea of selling football playbooks (since he had been a school coach), and his wife began selling lesson plans for school librarians. In the first month, they made $2600. He quit his job later that year, and the couple sold their first website for $1.1 million in 2017. Sams realized that they were simply selling their wisdom and experience to people who just wanted to save time. The other valuable commodity he believes he provides is a sense of community to members, and "this is what cements them as lifelong customers."


Pam Coronado has worked on some of the nation's highest-profile crimes since 1996 as a consulting psychic detective to government and private agencies, including the FBI. In the second half, she described her work locating victims of crimes and finding missing hikers. Unlike most psychics, Coronado recalled that she did not notice that she had any special abilities until she had a dream in her late 20s that she was trapped in a car where she knew that "the people in the front seat were going to kill me." After seeing photos in the local paper that matched the suspects from her dream, she joined a search party and located the body of the murder victim.

Coronado had advice for those heading out into the backcountry or even on a simple day hike. The first is to carry a GPS locator; second, tell someone what your plans are; and finally, if you're stranded with your car, stay with the vehicle, since searchers "have a better chance of finding your vehicle than of finding you." Coronado was involved with the "D.C. Sniper" case and described the suspects' bizarre behavior while they led the authorities on a strange chase. They left tarot cards at scenes of their crimes because they were "fascinated with metaphysical concepts" even though Coronado said that this was mostly for effect since "they were obviously not true tarot card readers." In the last hour, she described remote viewing techniques used in her detective work. She also recounted a fascinating and detailed dream she had of being one of the Navy Seal team that got Bin Laden, whom she saw as possessing "the strangest sort of soft eyes of any hardened criminal I've seen."


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