Susan Demeter

Susan Demeter


Susan Demeter is a Canadian born scholar, author, artist, and witch. The themes of her writing, research, art, and spirituality incorporate her lifelong interest in exceptional human experiences, UFOs, nature, social history, mysteries, and cosmic magic. She has conducted scholarly research on behalf of the Defence Studies Department of the Canadian Armed Forces College in Toronto, Canada on the topic of UFOs, and for the The Koestler Parapsychology Unit at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland regarding poltergeist activity.

Her writing and research have been featured in a number of publications, and she is a contributing essayist to Robbie Graham’s groundbreaking UFOs: Reframing the Debate. Susan’s essay explores the subject of UFOs through the lens of parapsychology. Her first book Cosmic Witch was published in both English and Italian in August 2020.She has conducted a series of experiments based on and inspired by the work of the late mathematician, Dr. A.R.G. Owen and psychotherapist Dr. Joel Whitton popularly known as "The Philip Experiments," which will be the focus of her second book Cosmic Witch Vol. II. Susan lives in the Apennine Mountains near Bologna, Italy, with her husband, astrophysicist and electronic musician Massimo Teodorani, and their two cats Pixie and Merry.



Past Shows:

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    Ernest Cline discussed his book "Ready Player One" and the brand new sequel. Susan Demeter described the history of witchcraft, her practice as a modern witch, and how it relates to psychic functioning and UFOs.More »

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