Marc Dantonio

Marc Dantonio


Marc Dantonio has a degree in Astronomy and is chief photo/video analyst for the largest aerial anomaly organization on Earth. He is the host of SkyTour Radio on KGRA radio and is the host and creator of SkyTour LiveStream with Marc D'Antonio on YouTube where people can go to watch live as beautiful deep night sky objects materialize before their eyes in mere seconds courtesy of very sensitive cameras and the SkyTour Observatory research telescopes. Marc is the CEO of FX Models, a model making and visual/special effects company specializing in digital/physical models, and organic special effects in the film industry.



Past Shows:

  • Wall Street's War / Astronomy & UFOs

    Author Les Leopold discussed how corporations in the US have used mass layoffs to enrich shareholders at the expense of employees. Followed by astronomer Marc Dantonio on his Sky Tours, UFOs, and gravitons.More »
  • Livestreaming Astronomy / Golf & Ghosts

    MUFON's chief photo/video analyst Marc Dantonio discussed exoplanet discoveries and his analysis of the night sky. Followed by podcast host John Ashton on golf, his radio days, and his experiences with haunted places.More »
  • Astrology Forecast / Anomalous Encounters

    Mitchell Scott Lewis shared an astrological forecast for the economy & current events. Followed by Marc D’Antonio on anomalous encounters, and Open Lines.More »

Last Night

Lost Civilization / The Angelic Realm
Lost Civilization / The Angelic Realm
Aerospace engineer Mark Carlotto shared theories about Earth's shifting poles, crust displacement, and ancient mass extinctions. Followed by spiritual advisor Joan of Angels, who spoke about her interactions with heavenly messengers.


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