Lee Witting

Lee Witting


Lee Witting serves as a chaplain at a major Maine hospital, pastors the Union Street Brick Church in Bangor, Maine, and is publications director for the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS). His interest in NDEs began as a child, when he drowned in a lake and had his own near-death experience. Lee went through Presbyterian Sunday School before being raised Catholic, when his mother converted to that religion.

At Columbia University he minored in Eastern Studies, and developed a deep interest in Buddhism. Lee’s radio experience began at Columbia University’s WKCR-FM in New York, and was recently continued in a six-year run of "Earthtones," a WERU-FM community radio program he hosted, which was devoted to Native American and Eastern religious chant – along with weekly NDE stories from the files of IANDS. Lee Witting is the host of NDE RADIO on Talkzone.com.


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Heart Consciousness / Telepathy & Precognition
Heart Consciousness / Telepathy & Precognition
Interventional cardiologist Dr. Christopher Davis discussed how the heart is intelligent and may have its own form of consciousness. Followed by Marty Rosenblatt, the President of the Applied Precognition Project, on telepathy and paranormal abilities.
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