Near-Death Experiences / Haunted Objects

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Near-Death Experiences / Haunted Objects

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During the first half of the program, NDE Radio host Lee Witting joined guest Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss near-death experiences, including his own. "770-plus people in this country alone every day, according to one survey, have near-death experiences or something like a near death experience," Witting said, noting how every NDE is personalized for the individual having it. It is important to incorporate what one learns from near-death experiencers because someone's personal mystical experience can benefit others too, he added.

Witting recounted his NDE from when he was seven years old and had drowned in a lake. He recalled the feeling of sinking to the bottom then suddenly being in a tree watching events unfold. "My consciousness was sitting up in this birch tree and I could see off in the upper right hand corner of my vision that there was a place I could go," he explained. His mother ran into the lake, found his body, and performed CPR to bring him back, Witting added. He also shared the account of a woman who went out of her body while on an operating table and watched as two large angels put their hands into the surgeons' hands to guide the operation.


In the latter half, paranormal researcher Ross Allison delved into the world of haunted dolls and objects. He made a distinction between haunted or possessed objects, which have an intelligent entity attached to them, and cursed objects which merely cause bad things to happen. Though some might think of antiques and older pieces as potentially haunted, new objects such as wedding rings can be haunted as well, Allison revealed. It's about how attached the owner was to the object, he added. Allison reported on how popular haunted objects are now. "Haunted hotels are notorious for their most haunted rooms being booked a year in advance because people want that thrill... it's the same thing with haunted toys," he said.

Allison warned about the negativity associated with some haunted objects which can cause their new owners to experience nightmares, hear strange sounds, and can even affect moods to the point of suicidal thoughts. "People are thrilled to have that haunted object but then when they start to experience some of the things it gets a little shocking," he noted. Allison spoke about his own collection of haunted dolls numbering around two dozen, including one called Mr. Creepy. According to Allison, Mr. Creepy has frequently been found moved around in his glass case and with his eyes looking in different directions.

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