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Scott Yarbrough

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The early part of Scott Yarbrough's career was spent as a stock and commodity broker. During this time, research became a major facet in his life. He spent a lot of time endeavoring to understand some of the big questions: Why did things work the way they do? What made prices in the investment markets go up and down? Why was fear so prevalent for a few years and then would go away seemingly overnight? What he learned was that everything ran in cycles. That there were natural paths that repeated over and over again.

Using this knowledge he turned to entrepreneurship, starting, running and building many companies before finally turning back to the investment sector. He founded a nightly commodity and stock market website, Market Highs and Lows.com, which analyzed and reported on likely future directions of the markets. Seeing the price of natural gas falling to near record lows caused him to research the likely trend of weather and how it was likely to effect natural gas in the future. What he found shocked him; and he realized that the results needed to be told to the world. He is an instrument rated multi engine pilot of 40+ years. Pilots, as part of their training, have to learn meteorology.



Past shows:

New Ice Age/ ETs & the 'New Human'

In the first half of the show, Scott Yarbrough discussed why he believes the changes in the sun cycles now have Earth entering an ice age, and outlined what we can do to prepare for the coming changes In the latter half, writer and documentarian Lana Marconi and... More »


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