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"The physical characteristics of chemtrails have a different composition than the usual condensation of contrails," said William Thomas, a Canadian journalist who appeared on Wednesday's show. An expert and author on the phenomenon, Thomas defined chemtrails as "persistent trails that last for many hours (and are) formed by aircraft flying in close proximities." Chemtrails have been observed for the last four years in North America and now in 12 other allied countries Thomas said.

Besides the countless testimony of witnesses to the unusual trails in the sky, Thomas has spoken with air traffic controllers who told him they ID-ed planes on their radar and had been given instructions by the US military to shift commercial air traffic underneath the haze created by the spraying. Further they were told that these planes were involved in a "climate modification experiment."

Thomas believes an "aluminum oxide" spray may be the cause of the haze. Water and soil samples in affected areas have revealed unusually high levels of aluminum and barium, as well as microscopic particles which Thomas connected with reports of upper respiratory problems. These metals may be being used "to spread sunlight reflected material into the atmosphere," or to "conduct radio waves over the horizon to achieve a high-tech three dimensional radar imaging capability," Thomas speculated. The purpose may be to protect the atmosphere from global warming, he added. That the government cloaks their operation in secrecy is problematical for Thomas because they can't be held accountable for the actions or the possibly related illnesses brought on by the spraying.

Toxic Skies?

William Thomas believes that an insidious spraying program is being conducted by U.S. Air Force tanker aircraft as part of an ongoing weather modification operation over North America. The mainstream media has generally placed such reports into the "conspiracy theory" bin and not treated the subject seriously. But because of the persistent reports and questions about chemtrails, the EPA, NASA, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration collaborated on a "fact sheet" in 2001 that claims that contrails are simply composed of water vapor and ice crystals, not toxic chemicals.

However the late author Jim Keith in his investigation of the "black helicopter" phenomena uncovered startling evidence of a governmental spraying program. He described an incident that took place in August of 1994 in the town of Oakville, WA where residents experienced "tiny, gelatinous blobs…rain(ing) from the sky, blanketing 20 square miles. There were six falls of gelatinous material over the next three weeks. Numerous people became ill within a few days… and some animals sickened and died… A hospital lab technician analyzed the gel that had fallen…and found, surprisingly, that it contained human white blood cells," he wrote in his book Black Helicopters II.

Keith went on to report that the gelatinous samples were further tested and found to be teeming with bacteria found in spoiled food, diseased plants, sewage and hospital environments. "The evidence suggests that the government knows far more about the rain of noxious gel on Oakville than they are telling," Keith concluded.

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