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William Thomas is an award-winning journalist specializing in news the mainstream media does not report. During and immediately after the Gulf War, he served five months in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as a member of a three-man environmental emergency response team. A professional journalist since the mid 1960's, his writing and photography have appeared in more than 50 publications in 8 countries. William is the author of five books, as well as several electronic books dealing with cell phones and other electromagnetic hazards. Of course, many listeners know William Thomas for his work uncovering chemtrails. He also wrote the first published book on 9/11. His latest book, Days Of Deception: Ground Zero and Beyond is the most recent and most thoroughly documented report on the agents and agendas behind the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.



Past shows:

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 5/6/99, when Art hosted journalist William Thomas, who investigated chemtrails. More »

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 3/14/01 when William Thomas spoke about chemtrails, who might be spraying these chemicals in the sky, and for what purpose. More »

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 2/27/02 when researcher William Thomas revealed what is being sprayed in the skies and why there is a cover-up about the mysterious chemtrails. More »

Art Bell: Somewhere In Time

Art Bell - Somewhere in Time returned to April 17, 1999, when Linda Moulton Howe and William Thomas discussed chemtrails. More »

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 5/6/99 when investigative journalist William Thomas shared revelations about insidious chemtrails. More »

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 2/27/02 when journalist William Thomas revealed his findings about the chemtrails mystery and cover-up. More »

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 3/14/01 when William Thomas shared his research into chemtrails. More »

World Turmoil & Giants

Author and researcher Steve Quayle returned to the show to discuss a variety of topics including world events, orchestrations of the Illuminati, and his investigation into the mysteries of giants and fallen angels. First hour guest, investigative journalist William... More »

Chemtrails Special

Chemtrail experts William Thomas and Michael Murphy joined John B. Wells to discuss what is being sprayed in the skies and how this program is in full force all around the world. More »

Terrorism & 9-11

Investigative journalist Richard Miniter, an internationally recognized expert on terrorism, shared his research into al Qaeda figures Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, and Osama bin Laden, as well as his analysis of the 9-11 attacks and their aftermath. First hour guest,... More »

Philosophy & Hidden Knowledge

Radical academic and empiricist Jeffrey Grupp shared philosophical and metaphysical concepts, and discussed how hidden knowledge is sometimes suppressed, and used against the general population to control them. The "telescreen"-- the barrage of mass media images and... More »

Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

6-10pm PT: Art Bell - Somewhere in Time returns to 3/17/99 when Linda Moulton Howe and William Thomas spoke about the then new phenomenon of chemtrails. More »

Chemtrails Roundtable

Researcher Clifford Carnicom, journalist William Thomas and Above Top Secret's Mark Allin joined George Knapp to try and get to the bottom of chemtrails-- chemicals or biological agents said to be deliberately sprayed from planes at high altitudes. Thomas discussed how... More »

Cell Phones & Wireless Hazards

Appearing during all 4 hours of the show, researcher William Thomas talked about the hazardous health effects of cell phones and wireless devices, as well dangers associated with chemtrails and weather modification. More »

Chemtrails, Cell Phones & Air Ships

Author and investigative reporter Will Thomas presented his latest research on chemtrails and cell phone risks, as well as discussed his interest in an emerging air ship technology. More »

Military Mind Control

Filling in for Art Bell, George Noory welcomed researcher William Thomas, who discussed the US military's usage of electronic mind control-type technology in Iraq. More »

Cell Phone Dangers

Researcher William Thomas presented his investigation into the health dangers of cell phones. "It's the most dangerous personal device ever invented," he declared, comparing cell phone use to smoking. He also cited dangers from cell phone towers which are irradiating everyone... More »

Chemtrails & Weather Modification

Researcher Will Thomas talked about chemtrails, weather modification and US Air Force planes spraying a moisture-absorbing gel to break up storms off the coast of Florida. He said there was "very strong evidence" that Hurricane Frances was seeded with an absorbent material,... More »

Investigating Chemtrails

Canadian journalist William Thomas returned to update the chemtrail situation. Chemtrails have plumes that are wider than ordinary contrails and instead of quickly dissipating as contrails do, they spread out across the sky and can last for hours, he said. Thomas' research... More »

Tracking Chemtrails

"The physical characteristics of chemtrails have a different composition than the usual condensation of contrails," said William Thomas, a Canadian journalist who appeared on Wednesday's show. An expert and author on the phenomenon, Thomas defined chemtrails as "persistent... More »

William Thomas

Will Thomas is an independent journalist, author, and videographer. Hereported for the Environmental News Service while serving as a member of athree-man Gulf environmental emergency response team during and immediatelyfollowing the Gulf War. His thirty-minute Gulf War... More »

Last Night

Psychology lecturer Dr. David Luke reported on the psychedelic substance DMT and related entity encounter experiences. In the first hour, Twisted Sister founder Jay Jay French discussed his life and career. Open Lines followed the last hour.

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