Satanic Abuse

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Satanic Abuse

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Minister Zeph Daniel, who says he grew up a victim of ritual Satanic abuse, appeared on Wednesday night's show. "Many have gone through this and they are walking around compartmentalized, believing that they are living a life that is their own, but they are being controlled, basically owned, and they don't even know it," he said.

Zeph described a Satanic ritual scenario involving adults dressed in costumes at a child's birthday party, who would be abusing the children, under the guise of playing games. The ritual would be climaxed with the blood sacrifice of a baby, he said. These kinds of traumatic events pushed Zeph into having multiple personalities and seeing visions through his third eye. After he was saved, he said his prophetic visions continued, this time guided by angels such as Gabriel.

Zeph, who believes we are living in End Times, said Gabriel took him on a flight over China, where he saw endless factories manufacturing "nothing but weapons, missiles and nuclear bombs." He also had a vision of a 4th dimensional moon base, operated by Reptilians that contained giant tunnels where human spirits would go when they died. Zeph said that these spirits would be tricked into thinking they were seeing their loved ones in the tunnel, when actually it was a device to capture their souls which could be bartered and sold amongst Satanic principalities.

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