Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne Giesemann


Suzanne Giesemann is a former U.S Navy commanding officer and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, plus author of eleven books, a spiritual teacher, and an evidential medium. She captivates audiences as she brings hope, healing, and comfort through her work. Suzanne's gift of communication with those on the other side provides stunning evidence of life after death. Touted as "a breath of fresh air" with "a quality that is so different from others that it is difficult to describe," she brings messages of hope and love that go straight to the heart. Suzanne addresses questions about the purpose of life, the nature of reality, and attuning to higher consciousness. Her work has been recognized as highly credible by afterlife researcher Dr. Gary Schwartz, Ph.D., and best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer. She serves on the executive council of Eternea, where she is the chairman of the Spirituality Leadership Council and also on the Advisory Board of the Academy of Spiritual and Studies.



Past Shows:

  • Spiritual Connections / Dream Guidance

    Spiritual teacher Suzanne Giesemann discussed how she communicates with the deceased and spiritual guides. Followed by therapist Machiel Klerk on how to get more out of your dreams.More »
  • The Hero's Journey / The Awakened Way

    Christopher Vogler discussed the relevance that the Hero’s Journey has for us all. Suzanne Giesemann described working with higher levels of consciousness.More »
  • Fake Foods/ Metaphysical Messages

    Parmesan cheese made from sawdust. Lobster rolls containing no lobster at all. Extra-virgin olive oil that isn’t. Fake foods are in our supermarkets and restaurants. In the first half, food journalist and travel writer Larry Olmsted joined Lisa Garr to discuss this pervasive and...More »

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