Steve Ubaney

Steve Ubaney


Steve Ubaney is an American suspense author who re-investigates the deaths of famous people using newly discovered facts that debunk historical claims. His books deduce that some of history’s most famous deaths were actually murders.



Past Shows:

  • Ancient Technology on Mars / Deaths of Elvis, Diana, & FDR

    Ancient civilization researcher Jason Martell discussed what we might find on the first human expedition to Mars. Followed by historical researcher Steve Ubaney on the deaths of Elvis, Princess Diana, and FDR.More »
  • Mystery of FDR's Death

    Steve Ubaney examined the mystery surrounding the death of FDR. First hour guest, Thomas Razzeto, talked about Houdini's afterlife experiment.More »
  • Was Elvis Murdered?

    Author Steve Ubaney delved into who murdered Elvis Presley. First hour guest, crypto investigator Lyle Blackburn, reported on the 'Lizard Man.'More »

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