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Biting Open Lines

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During the second half of Friday's show the lines were snapping when George asked for tales of being bitten by animals or insects. One man reported being attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets as he drove his car at high speed along the highway. Stories about a biting cat, alligator, snake, monkey and bees also came in.

Other intriguing calls included a story of a UFO that seemed to respond to the witness, a woman who was chased by a half-man half-goat creature coming out of a "Hell House," and an ex-Satanist who foresaw a great metaphysical battle occurring in the year 2012.

Columbia, Iraq, & The West Wing

Richard C. Hoagland appeared during the first half of Friday's show discussing a variety of topics. "Management at NASA knew Columbia was doomed at the get-go," Hoagland said and he believes some type of rescue mission could and should have been attempted. Hoagland also discussed the looting of the museum in Baghdad, pointing out the museum's offices were destroyed and the records of the collection were missing. He suggested that an inside job took place, which removed countless un-translated cuneiform tablets "because they contain the record of what really happened 7,000 years ago when kingship was lowered from heaven, when something amazing happened to launch full blown…all civilization on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates."

A recent episode of the TV show The West Wing was also singled out by Hoagland for its insightful treatment of the life on Mars issue. In the plot line, it was revealed that the Department of Defense had concealed information about Mars, and by doing so were dictating science policy. Hoagland delves into this episode in depth in an article on his website.

Remote Viewing Experiment

Joshua P. Warren of L.E.M.U.R. Paranormal Investigations in Asheville, North Carolina, joined George in the first half-hour of Friday's program to discuss an online experiment in remote viewing his group was conducting. Located at, the test asks a viewer to match a card out of a group of five, with the one Warren had placed in a sealed envelope. He said that their goal was to create a small cadre of top notch remote viewers, who would be whittled down from a larger group, through a continued series of tests. This unit would then be used to locate wanted men like Saddam Hussein and Ossama bin Laden. We're hoping to "use ESP research to to save lives," Warren explained.

The Motel Shadow Person

by Katie K.

This story is PG-rated, but it is true and happened to me. A few years back, my roommate (at the time) and I would occasionally drive around the eastern half of the country, selling t-shirts for a young rising country singer (no one you'd know as he still hasn't risen far!).

Anyway, on one of these jaunts we drove from Wisconsin to Alabama overnight, driving straight through thunderstorms, lightning and tornadoes in Tennessee. Needless to say, by the time we arrived at our motel at 4AM, we were exhausted. The singer's manager had told us that he reserved a pre-paid room for us which we were very grateful for, so we checked in, planning on going straight to the room and getting some sleep.

The room was a typical small motel room on the first floor with an entrance direct from the parking lot. My roommate crashed out on the bed nearest the door while I took the other one closest to the bathroom, thinking I would fall right asleep. However, I was apparently just too tired and instead, laid there half-awake, waiting for sleep to come.

I remember the light from the parking lot illuminating the room so it was easy to distinguish the furniture and beds in the half-light. I could even see my roommate spread out on her bed; still dressed, snoring (she snored like a drunken sailor!). However, I was surprised that I could also see what seemed to be a large formless shadow enter the room from the doorway WITHOUT opening the door. This shadow was completely black and shaped rather like a blob.

I watched as it moved slowly across the room, passing in front of our beds, ignoring my roommate. The thing entered the space between my bed and the wall, creeping silently toward me. At first I thought I was just hallucinating. After all, I was very tired. But what happened next was anything but a hallucination.

Without going into too much detail, this "shadow thing" tried to climb into the bed and have its way with me. I swear this is true! It was very real, very solid and heavy. Its surface felt like old binder twine and burlap wrapped around a damp swamp log as it rolled on top of me, nearly crushing the breath out of me.

What this shadow thing didn't count on though was that I was tired and very crabby after the long drive. All I wanted was rest and here was this darned "HAINT" trying to get past first base with me. So, instead of screaming and running like any sane human might, I got very angry and tried to push it OFF me. As we struggled, I could feel one part that definitely felt human! It was a good thing I was wearing underwear, there might be the pitter-patter of little shadow people feet in the house today.

For probably 20-25 seconds, this thing and I had a test of strength until finally it seemed to give up and slide off me. The shadow moved away, back across the room and exited the way it came.

Believe it or not, I finally fell asleep after it left. The next morning I asked my roommate if she had seen or heard anything. Of course she said she hadn't but that she had fallen asleep right away.

Normally I would attribute this to an extremely lucid dream and nothing more. But the next night at the show, I was chatting with one of the locals and just to see what she would answer, I asked if anyone had ever noticed anything different about that motel. She responded that yes, there were reports of odd happenings going on around there but she didn't know any more than that. So was it real or a dream?

I've had lucid dreams that you wouldn't believe, but I knew they were dreams. This "haint" felt absolutely real and solid.

To top it all off, the next morning after the show, before leaving, we talked to the singer's manager. We were surprised when he told us that we had checked in at the wrong motel! He hadn't paid for any rooms for us there and had been wondering where we had gone to. So if he didn't pay for our room...then who did? Do shadow people have credit cards?

--Katie K.

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