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"I consider myself more of a metaphysician than a psychic," said Joseph Jacobs, who appeared on Thursday night's program. Jacobs, who has counseled over 15,000 people since 1982, explained that he uses a combination of cards, numerology and intuition to formulate his readings. "It's an ancient computer...almost in the form of a Book of Life," he said of the cards (standard playing deck) he employs to tap into his intuition and clairaudience.

Though Jacobs foresees a possible "explosion of some sort" in an American "coastal city," coming from a terrorist attack, between now and July 3rd, he said there will be an upturn in the economy during Oct-Nov. Towards the end of 2003, he sees a period of rebuilding and restructuring.

The extreme weather conditions we have seen of late could be related to an increase in agitation in human consciousness around the world, Jacobs suggested. But sometimes we need to go through "necessary evils," to bring out our maturity and responsibility, he said. He outlined three principles (mindfulness, equanimity, and non-attachment) that he often returns to when contemplating life.

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