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Psychic Liberation

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Jeffrey Mishlove

Wednesday night's main guest and president of Intuition Network, Jeffrey Mishlove is heading a new social movement for Psychic Liberation. "The time has come to begin to look at ignorance, fear and discrimination with regards to our psychic abilities," he declared.

Mishlove went on to explain that all people have psychic potential. "Everybody [should] feel encouraged to cultivate their own inner intuitive abilities," he said. Further, all people have the power to heal through what he calls Distant Mental Influence. Mishlove concluded, "If people all knew that they had the power to send positive thoughts to other people, to heal each other and to heal our planet, we could begin to really make a difference."

Open Lines

Wednesday night's Open Lines began on a scary note when a young boy described seeing Shadow People in his bedroom. Later, the show took an absurd turn when a man claiming to have built a ten foot tall, six-stage rocket reported on his plans to launch "Spunky" the homing pigeon into space.

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Bumper music from Wednesday October 1, 2003


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