RJ Spina

RJ Spina


RJ Spina (San Diego, CA) is a metaphysical teacher and guide who overcame chest-down paralysis, diabetes, pancreatitis, Hashimoto's disease, and several other serious illnesses. He offers healing, counseling, meditation, and self-realization instruction throughout the world. RJ lives with his partner Jennifer and their two Jack Russell/chihuahua mixes.



Past Shows:

  • Ancient Coded Texts / Healing Through Consciousness

    Spiritual teacher Jason Shurka discussed powerful ancient codes introduced by TLS, a mysterious group of humans and aliens. Followed by metaphysical teacher RJ Spina on the principles of accessing higher states of consciousness.More »

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Celebrity Tragedies / UAP Investigations
Celebrity Tragedies / UAP Investigations
Author Donald Jeffries discussed his book, On Borrowed Fame, which explores the darker side of fame. Researcher Micah Hanks provided an update on a proposal to setup a U.S. government office to look into UAPs.
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