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The History of Skull & Bones

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Kris Millegan

Conspiracy researcher Kris Millegan (ctrl.org) discussed the history of the "Skull & Bones" secret society which he said got its start in 1832, though its roots extend back to earlier groups in Europe. Calling the organization a "multi-generation cult," Millegan said the Yale University-based group taps 15 juniors each year to join.

Skull & Bones members tend to hold powerful positions in society, and Millegan believes their ultimate agenda is to "move this country from a republic to a fascist state," where they can consolidate their control. They accomplish this, he said, by keeping the country on a steady cycle of wars and employing the "Hegelian dialectic," whereby they control history from both the left and the right. However "people can stand up and take our country back," Millegan proposed, citing that the common folk greatly outnumber the members of secret societies.

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