Al Bielek & the Philadelphia Experiment

Al Bielek & the Philadelphia Experiment


HostArt Bell

In hours 2-5, Al Bielek recounts his incredible tale of being born under another name and participating in the Philadelphia Experiment, which involved time travel and invisibility. According to Bielek, in 1943, the US military was experimenting with invisibility and tried it out on the warship, the USS Eldridge, and tragic consequences followed, with some crew members merging into the steel structure. He explains the mathematics and physics behind time travel and invisibility, and describes, in detail, three separate tests in 1943 with the Eldridge. He reveals his subsequent time travel into the year 1983 at Montauk, Long Island, and his post-experiment life and the new identity he unwittingly assumed.

Bielek also touches on topics such as travel to Mars, reverse aging, and several types of aliens involved with the test, as well as quantum physics, Einstein's unified field theory, electromagnetic manipulation, and the rivalry between John von Neumann and Nikola Tesla.

During the first hour, Art shares news of the day and takes Open Lines calls.

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