Round Table II: Secret Societies

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Round Table II: Secret Societies


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    In a special 4-hour program, Stan Deyo, Jon Rappoport, and Michael Ruppert joined together for a round table conversation on Secret Societies and One World Government. Interwoven into the discussion were such topics as 9-11 conspiracies, depopulation agendas, Peak Oil and energy paradigms.

    Ruppert said he considered such groups as Opus Dei, Knights of Malta, Council on Foreign Relations, the Mafia, the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission and intelligence agencies all to be forms of secret societies to varying degrees. They have an obsessive hunger to control people, and promote scarcity as part of their depopulation plans, commented Rappoport. The societies have conspired to keep technology such as antigravity and free energy away from the populace, and they are ultimately controlled by an alien or Luciferian source, said Deyo.

    Looking ahead 10 years, the guests each speculated on our future, based on the current situation. Deyo foresees huge shortages in food, water and fuel, soaring unemployment and health problems. America will be a diminished power, with the rise of the EU and a Chinese/Asian alliance. Ruppert said there will be at least one nuclear exchange in the next decade, a mass exodus to warmer climates, and a trend towards localization in work and food production. Rappoport concurred on this trend, saying there would be a greater awakening of the need for decentralization, with people moving out of the system and becoming more independent.

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