Future Technology

Future Technology


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GuestsPeter Cochrane

The Co-Founder of ConceptLabs, futurist Peter Cochrane, offered an uncensored commentary on how today's dramatic advances in technology will alter the way we live and think. The current pace of technological advancement, according to Cochrane, will continue into the future due in large part to ever increasing computational power. He cautioned, however, that Moore's law, which states that computer processing power will double every 18 months, may slow after 2015.

Nonetheless, Cochrane expects that within a decade MP3 players will have the capacity to carry all of the music ever recorded. In another ten years, he imagines small consumer devices that will house every movie ever made. With breakthroughs in nanotechnology and virtually unlimited data storage, Cochrane thinks it will eventually be possible to create a "Soul Catcher" implant capable of recording every human experience onto a microchip.

Cochrane said the biggest problem facing humanity in the future is our dependency on oil for power and transportation. (He said it costs him $120 to fill his car's fuel tank in England.) Cochrane argued that hydrogen, solar and wind power are problematic alternatives to oil because of the difficulties in storing vast amounts of energy. He suggested we embrace nuclear energy which, despite catastrophic accidents like Chernobyl, he claims is quite safe. His ultimate wish for humanity, however, is to have a sustainable power source that won't destroy the planet.

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