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By day, Doug Elwell works as a mild-mannered consultant in the field of web development. By night, he becomes a seeker of mysteries of the world, seeking out and revealing many previously unrevealed or forgotten secrets, both in ancient texts, in the field, and in the heavens.

Doug possesses master's degrees in both Old Testament Biblical Studies/Ancient Near Eastern History and Marketing Communications, and is able to read the Old Testament in its original Hebrew, giving him unique insights into the great mysteries hidden in the Hebrew Bible. Over the years, Doug has taken on the mantle of "Advanced Theoretical Theologian" to help him communicate his new and startling insights into what the Old Testament really says in the light of modern science, including what appears to be ancient and dangerous technologies from the world before the Flood that are soon due to be revealed, as well as ancient secrets of the heavens that are soon due to return. 



Past shows:

Planet X & Ancient Mysteries / Cases of the Military Medium

Author Doug Elwell shared his research on Planet X, the Bible, giants, and mysteries of the Sphinx. Followed by Dean McMurray, known as The Military Medium, detailing his cases and observations. More »

Mysterious Contacts / Planet X, Anunnaki, & the Sphinx

Whitley Strieber updated his contact experiences. Followed by Doug Elwellon Planet X, the Anunnaki, giants, and secrets of the Sphinx. More »

Emotional Healing/ Planet X

In the first half, clinical psychologist Dr. George Pratt talked about techniques for achieving emotional and psychological well being. He noted that stress, which releases the hormone cortisol, can suppress the function of the immune system. In the latter half,... More »

Planet X, Consciousness, & Comet Elenin

In the middle two hours, publisher of Mysterious World books, Doug Elwell, discussed his research on ancient references to Planet X which connects the work of Zecharia Sitchin to Biblical writings. In the first hour, writer/producer Deborah Pratt talked about her work... More »

Mysteries of Ireland

Publisher of Mysterious World, Doug Elwell discussed his recent work on the history and mysteries of Ireland.Based on "historo-mythical" oral accounts and anecdotal archaeological evidence, Elwell pieced together that the Irish people were descended from the sons of Magog... More »

Celtic Origins, Cyrptids & End Times

Publisher of the online travel journal, Mysterious World, Doug Elwell discussed the Celtic origins of Halloween, fairies and leprechauns. More »

Last Night

Citizen journalist Danny Silva, UFO researcher Joe Murgia, and Ryan Robbins of Post Disclosure World joined George Knapp for a UFO roundtable. Followed by Ryan Musgrave-Evans on his 'cryptoterrestrial' contacts.

More »


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