Peter Cochrane

Peter Cochrane


Peter Cochrane was Head of British Telecom Research from 1993-1999, then he was appointed Chief Technologist. In November 2000, Peter retired from British Telecom to join his own startup company called ConceptLabs, which he founded with a group of people from Apple Computer in 1998. Peter is a graduate of Trent Polytechnic and Essex University, and was the Collier Chair for The Public Understanding of Science & Technology at The University of Bristol from 1999-2000.



Past Shows:

  • Trends & Current Events / Benefits of AI & Robotics

    Gerald Celente offered commentary on trends and current events. Followed by Prof. Peter Cochrane on the promise of AI and robotics.More »
  • Synchronicity & Enlightenment

    Using history, astrology, and synchronicity theory, author and researcher David Wilcock discussed how there is a hidden architecture played out in cycles, guiding humanity toward enlightenment and spiritual progress. First hour guest, the co-founder of ConceptLabs, Peter...More »
  • Future Technology

    Peter Cochrane shared glimpses of upcoming technologies in robotics. In the first hour, Joshua P. Warren reported on new alien photos, and in the final hour, Larry Bryant had a disclosure update.More »
  • Future Technology

    Co-founder of ConceptLabs, Peter Cochrane, shared a glimpse of upcoming technology which will offer us greater security and convenience but may also hamper our privacy rights. RFID (radio frequency) tags which are now being added to consumer products may also be used in...More »
  • Future Technology

    The Co-Founder of ConceptLabs, futurist Peter Cochrane, offered an uncensored commentary on how today's dramatic advances in technology will alter the way we live and think. The current pace of technological advancement, according to Cochrane, will continue into the future due...More »
  • Peter Cochrane

    Futurist, Peter Cochrane, offers an uncensored and sometimes disturbing commentary on how today's dramatic advances in technology will alter the way we live and think. Human cloning, identification chips implanted under the skin, digitally enhanced brains, and machines that can...More »

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