Amazing Animal Stories

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Amazing Animal Stories


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    Author Brad Steiger returned to share unusual stories related to animals. He described:
    A family in Germany that has kept a pet eel in their bathtub for 34 years-- the eel gained fame appearing on pet food TV commercials.

    • Judy the terrier, who fell down a rabbit hole, and survived being trapped there for five weeks.
    • Sissy, a cat that lives at a hospice, who uncannily only jumps on the bed of patients that are about to die.
    • A flock of blackbirds that attacked a man who was trying to abduct two young girls.

    Steiger also presented tales concerning lycanthropy, shapeshifters, and succubi. People that suffer from various addictions may be more vulnerable to attacks from otherworldly entities, he believes. A page (scroll down) has been posted on his site that contains directions for repelling such negative entities.

    Quake Update

    During the first half-hour, geologist Jim Berkland discussed the recent quake in Japan, which he correlated with the full moon and tide levels. We are now entering into a quake window, which will run from Nov. 14th through the 21st, he said. The next such window will take place between December 28th and January 4th, he added.

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