Mothman & Thunderbirds

Mothman & Thunderbirds


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsLoren Coleman, Jorge Martin, Mark Hall

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman presented an overview of the Mothman case, noting that descriptions of the bird-like creature have grown more and more human over the decades. The original Mothman researcher John Keel thought the 1966-7 events in Point Pleasant had a demonological basis, said Coleman, who views the reports more from a zoological perspective. The creature has similarities to a giant owl, he added, and may have used air turbulence from cars to facilitate its flight.

During the third hour, writer Mark Hall joined the show to share material on thunderbirds, which reportedly have a wingspan of 18 to 20 ft-- twice the size of any known birds. He recounted a 1977 Illinois case where a young boy was picked up and carried briefly by one of the giant birds. Though unharmed, the boy's hair turned gray after the incident. Hall said there were similar instances in the 1800's and even a tale where an Indian was flown to one of their nests.

Also joining the show was Judy, a college professor in Long Island, who had a thunderbird sighting near the Canadian border in 1973. She was "stopped dead in her tracks" upon seeing the immense blue-gray bird in a pond. Judy estimated its wingspan to be 25 to 30 ft. (the length of the pond, which she later measured) and said that when it took off, it flew in a leisurely manner, low to the ground.

Japan's Asteroid Probe

In the first half-hour, Richard C. Hoagland gave an update on Japan's asteroid probe which is conducting its mission on the other side of the sun. The plan is for the probe to bring back a gram of material from the asteroid, he said. Images of the asteroid have been posted on JAXA's site.

Puerto Rican Update

In the second half-hour, journalist Jorge Martin discussed accounts of UFOs and aliens in Puerto Rico. Such reports date back to 1924, but there has been an upsurge in activity in the last couple of decades. In a 1978 incident, witnesses described seeing F14 fighter jets chasing a triangular-shaped UFO, and two of the jets vanished, he said. Martin also described fishermen's reports of seeing illumination coming from deep under the sea, and human healings associated with alien visitation. For more, read his article in Paranoia Magazine.

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