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UFO & Alien Accounts

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Date Host Art Bell
Guests Dick Criswell

Art began Saturday's program with a review of last week's UFO Intent Experiment, in which listeners were asked to quiet their minds and focus their intentions on calling down UFOs. Art read just a few of the thousands of reports he and James Gilliland received from listeners claiming to have seen 'strange bright lights' in the skies. According to Art, "[the experiment] worked or it was one hell of a coincidence."

In the second hour, UFO/Paranormal investigator Dick Criswell shared what he learned about UFOs and aliens while he was a member of the 'Alpha Com' team. Criswell reported seeing U.S. government documents (and sketches) that listed at least 70 different species of aliens. He claimed to have been given a photo of a reptoid alien by a former CIA agent. Criswell said he was still in contact with several government witnesses, but would not divulge their identities due to a secrecy agreement he signed.
Criswell also discussed his own encounter with the gray aliens. According to Criswell, two 3-ft tall grays in tight suits appeared to him in Wheeling, West Virginia when he was six (1953). They communicated telepathically, Criswell explained, informing him that he would be their emissary on Earth. Criswell said he had multiple encounters with the grays until he was seventeen. They warned him of future cataclysmic climate and earth changes, possibly in 2012, he revealed.

The last half of the show featured Open Lines with a special emphasis on people who've been abducted or had contact with other beings. One caller told Art about her grandson's abduction experience. According to the caller, her two-year-old grandson, Kenny, claimed to have been taken aboard an alien mothership near Mars or Venus where he was shown "another 'Kenny' that looks just like him."

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