Ghost Trilogy

Ghost Trilogy


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsLeslie Rule, Joshua P. Warren, Mary Ann Winkowski, Jerome Corsi

In this special Ghost Trilogy, three separate guests presented their research into spirits and hauntings.

First up was author Leslie Rule who said that many haunted areas are associated with a violent tragedy. There could be an unresolved matter, such as a killer not being apprehended. A college student named Ann Reynolds was killed and burned to death in her car in 1956. She was later witnessed as a materialization at the campus gym, along with the smell of burning hair, Rule recounted. She also noted that apparitions have been seen at a Radisson Hotel, built on the site of the Coconut Grove night club which burned down in 1942, with many patrons tragically caught inside.

"Ghostbuster" Mary Ann Winkowski detailed her process of communicating with earthbound spirits. She said she sometimes assists law enforcement, speaking with deceased victims about the circumstances of their deaths. She also attends funerals and conveys messages of the deceased to their families. In one instance, a spirit told her he'd stashed $55,000 in a furnace pipe. Mary Ann has a new book, When Ghosts Speak, due out in the fall, and she is continuing to serve as a consultant for the TV series Ghost Whisperer, which will be entering its third season.

Researcher and author Joshua P. Warren rounded out the evening. He reported on the Paranormal PC, which monitors seven different fields of data simultaneously and can trigger recording devices when it detects anomalies. He also touched on a haunted theatre in Tennessee-- in the projectionist's booth, a door slammed shut violently, opened itself up and then closed again. Warren has been collecting accounts of "phantimals"-- creatures that have a ghostly or paranormal aspect to them. Such entities appear to be "more prevalent than I thought," he said, detailing a report of a German Shepard-type animal that could walk upright and had yellow eyes.

Presidential Directive

First hour guest, author and columnist Jerome Corsi discussed a new Presidential Directive, signed into law on May 9th, that he said grants near dictatorial powers to the office of the president in the event of a national emergency.

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