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Ghost Voice Recordings


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    Filling in for George, Art Bell was joined by Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeath of the Ghost Investigators Society (G.I.S.), who brought along a collection of new and 'best of' spirit voice recordings, known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

    In one clip captured at The Brewery Lodge in Virginia City, Nevada, the voice of a woman can be heard inquiring, "Are you alone?" followed by Cook commenting on his EMF detector. While at a mausoleum, ghostly laughter fills the room after McBeath invites the spirits to communicate with her. On that same investigation, the G.I.S. team recorded Cook falling down some stairs and then what sounds like a sympathetic child asking him, "Are you okay?"

    In a recording from Deer Lodge Prison in Montana, the sound of a creaking steel door is followed by a man's voice pleading, "Help, I'm in here." Art also played a clip recorded at an area of Deer Lodge called Siberia. In it a G.I.S. member can be heard asking, "Did the guards kill you or did you kill yourself?" followed by an old man responding, "I almost had the key." At Rawlins Prison in Wyoming, the team recorded the sound of a man screaming as if he were being tortured.

    One of the most heartbreaking EVPs of the night was taken at a former mental hospital called The Exchange Building. Recorded on a laptop in a purportedly empty room, the disturbing clip records what sounds like a young child being drowned in a tub of water. The two also presented an EVP recorded at a witch's house, where a child can be heard declaring, "There was blood."

    Predictions Update

    In the first hour, Evelyn Paglini checked in on her past fire predictions. During her previous appearances, Paglini had said major fires caused by arson would rage across the country through November 2007. "It's not over yet," she warned, forecasting that the Hollywood Hills may be the next location set ablaze.

    Paglini sees a downturn coming in the US economy that will lead to a recession. She predicted the troubled housing market would not turn around until Spring 2009. Paglini also said an "unknown tragedy" would occur by year end and a nuclear exchange could be on the horizon for the following year.

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