Mythical Places & Creatures

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Mythical Places & Creatures

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George spoke with Dr. Bob Curran ( during the first half of the program. Curran discussed mysterious places and mythical cities detailed in his book, Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms. According to Curran, there is an element of truth to the legendary locations that turn up in literature and film, but they are also a "physical manifestation of our hopes and dreams and what we really want for ourselves."

Curran talked about Atlantis and the mythical Himalayan utopia Shangri-La, as well as the 'Green Children.' The original story of the Green Children was first recorded by William of Newburgh in 1136 AD, Curran explained. According to the Medieval tale, two children with green skin and almond-shaped eyes were found at St. Mary's of the Wolf-pits. The boy and girl had unique clothing, spoke in a strange language, and claimed to be from somewhere under the Earth -- a place called St. Martin's land. Curran said two more green children showed up in Spain in 1887. These two claimed to be from San Martino (Spanish for St. Martin).

Curran shared his research into subterranean worlds, the Cherokee legend of Spearfinger, leprechauns, and the lost city of Ubar. Curran also discussed Prince Madoc of Wales, who supposedly settled in Alabama about three hundred years before Columbus discovered the Americas. A number of well-documented stories support this claim, Curran noted.

George hosted Open Lines for the last two hours of the show. He also checked in with Lionel Fanthorpe who provided an update on his health.

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