Attacked by Evil

Attacked by Evil


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Bill Bean

Bill Bean, author of Dark Force, joined George for the first half of the program to discuss how his family was tormented and destroyed by a demonic force that occupied their house in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Bean recounted an incident that happened shortly after they moved into the new home, when his mother was left alone to unpack boxes. Bean's mom reportedly felt a presence in the room with her but turned to find no one there. Several minutes later one of the bedroom doors slammed shut, he added. Bean's sister Patty also came under attack when she got out of her bed one night and something grabbed her leg. Bean said Patty eventually fled the house and got married, at which time the focus of the dark force shifted to his father.

Bean recalled watching his dad change from a successful professional carpenter and family man into a raging alcoholic who physically abused his wife. Bean believes demons in the house entered his father whenever he was drunk, further fueling his rage. Bean also disclosed that his father had seen an apparition in the house that looked like an undertaker. After his father left the family, Bean said his mother was assaulted on a regular basis by two entities.

Bean too was harassed by the home's evil inhabitants. He revealed a frightening occurrence when something in his bedroom grabbed him by the shoulders and pinned him to his bed. Bean said he was rescued that night by a divine being in a shimmering pale blue dress with long blond hair that looked like his mother. Bean also remembered a horrifying event involving a neighborhood kid who mocked the entities living in the house. According to Bean, the child was picked up by the throat by an unseen force and pushed against the wall, hanging some six inches above the floor.

Bean said a priest bearing mason jars of holy water came frequently to try to help the family, but the paranormal activity got even more intense and violent after his visits. The family eventually left the house, and Bean credits God for delivering him from the evil that resided there. Bean also spoke about his segment on the Discovery Channel series, A Haunting.

During Open Lines, callers shared some of their weird experiences, as well as stories about losing it. The last half hour featured audio from George's 10/25/06 interview with astrobiologist and astronomer Dr. David Darling, who spoke about evolution and the origins of the universe.

Gun Related Issues

Appearing at the start of the program, research scholar John Lott commented on news about a gunman who killed 13 people at a New York Immigrant Center, as well as gun control and other related issues.



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