Quantum Communication

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Quantum Communication

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Scientist and filmmaker David Sereda discussed his latest research on how communication works at the quantum level, and how information about this remarkable human ability has been suppressed by the government. "What's amazing to me is that consciousness is not accepted among the forces and it should be," Sereda mused about the power which he believes could be used to avert disasters and awaken great intelligences within the human mind.

Explaining the nature of this quantum communication, he said that when the atoms in our body change spin states, they emit light waves which carry intelligent information on them. Sereda noted that recent research shows that the human heart creates "fifty to sixty times more energy that the human brain." To that end, he called the heart "the real core of our broadcasting center, where we broadcast all of our ideas, all of our thoughts and feelings." He alleged that fully harnessing this power of consciousness is possible if a person's intention is pure, sincere, and long-lasting. It is this last requirement, Sereda said, that is key to understanding consciousness "it's slow and steady but amazingly powerful."

He detailed how much of this information was uncovered as far back as the late 1920's by such legendary scientists as Max Planck, Neils Bohr, and Albert Einstein, who realized that human intention was affecting experiments. According to the scientists he spoke with, Sereda said that "an intentional smear campaign was created" to discredit this quantum communication research. He alleged that the reason for this cover-up was to maintain control over the populace, which the 'powers that be' feared would be unstoppable if they knew about and could harness the true abilities that lay inside the mind. As such, all discussion of this ground-breaking research was marginalized by mainstream science and the scientists behind it were shifted towards weapons development.

UFOs & Alien Beings

In the first hour, UFO expert Nick Pope commented on the aerial object seen during a live broadcast of BBC Breakfast (link). He confessed to first believing it was merely a bird, but said that upon seeing an enhanced version, put out by the BBC, the object was more clearly defined as a "small cigar-shaped, rod-shaped, white object ... moving in a dead straight line." He noted that the source of the film is what makes it so much different from many other questionable 'UFO videos' found online, where hoaxing is a possibility. "This is the BBC," Pope said, "they don't do that sort of thing."

Towards the end of the hour, Michael Rowley also joined the conversation to share details about the alien beings reportedly seen near his Florida home (link). He speculated that the footprint found outside his home (see Feature Story) is that of a dragon. Rowley also described his son's encounter with entities where he saw both a Grey alien as well as a reptilian creature. He claimed that his home has been filled with visitors for the past week and all of them have been seeing various entities and phenomena as well.

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