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Possession, Psychic Attacks & Open Lines

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Nita Hickok

George was joined for the first half of the show by ritual magician and energy healer Nita Hickok, who discussed possession and psychic attacks. Hickok described possession as a condition in which some force other than the afflicted person is controlling his or her actions. According to Hickok, someone possessed by a ghost or demon will tend toward isolation, have a noticeable change in appearance or personality, suffer an extreme break with reality, and hear voices. She estimated that as many as 1 in 15 people may be possessed, but this spiritual condition is often confused with a mental disorder.

For those who believe in its power, Hickok recommended prayer as a way to deal with possession. Prayer fills people with divine energy from which evil cannot feed, she said. Hickok also prescribed placing salt and herbs around the house, noting that there are ways to stop any form of psychic attack. Ghost possessions are much easier to deal with since spirits will often leave if they are directed into the light, she added.

Hickok shared some of her personal experiences with psychic attacks, including one in which her hair and eyebrows where singed off when the chair she was sitting on caught fire. Hickok also spoke about curses and hexes, and how one can be protected with a spiritual shield against harm by saying:

"May archangel Raphael be in front of me. May archangel Michael be to the right hand side of me. May archangel Gabriel be to the left hand side of me. May archangel Uriel be behind me. May the surround me with their shield of light and protect me in every way."


During Open Lines, Jeff from Caldwell, Idaho told George about his unique clairvoyant ability to discern whether someone is having an illicit affair. Jeff said he even had a vision about his church pastor's adulterous indiscretions that unfortunately came true. Jennifer in Santa Rosa, California shared information that she claimed had been channeled from an alien life form. Her vision revealed that a specific airplane part, or "element" as she called it, may be to blame for several recent crashes around the world.

David, also located in California, said his wife is overtaken by an "insane entity" whenever she drinks alcoholic beverages. According to David, his wife's face changes physically, becoming more boxy, and she becomes extremely violent, having tried to murder both him and his daughter on several occasions. Tom in Buffalo, New York recounted a story involving a police officer, Niagara Falls, and two Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz.

Throughout the evening, a few people phoned in at George's request to play their musical instruments for him. Mark, a professional guitarist in L.A., strummed some bluesy riffs while applying various pedal effects. Stewart favored George with a little New Orleans style by playing When The Saints Go Marching In on trumpet. The final half hour featured George's 10/30/08 interview with author Dr. Bob Curran, who talked about the beliefs, folklore, and truths surrounding zombies.



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