Life in a Haunted House

Life in a Haunted House


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsAnnie Wilder, Gentill Abdulla, Open Lines

In the first half of the program, author Annie Wilder talked about the weird paranormal occurrences that she and her family have experienced in their 100-year-old haunted Victorian house. Upon entering the rundown dwelling for the first time, Wilder said she sensed a "very heavy, gloomy energy" and felt that an old man had died there. The man turned out to be the previous owner, Leon, whom she believes protects the house and her family from evil entities.

Wilder described the house as Grand Central Station for spirits. Ghost hunters from Northern Minnesota (website) have investigated the home twice and recorded more EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) there than any other private residence, she added. Wilder also shared a creepy encounter she had in her bedroom with a 4-foot-tall hooded being who tried to pull her spirit from her body. According to Wilder, she called on Leon's ghost for help and watched as something forcibly removed the cloaked thing from the room.

For interested parties, Wilder hosts haunted tea parties at her home (more info). About half of the time something strange will happen, she said. Callers phoned to share their own haunted house stories in the second hour.

'Most Frightening Moment' Calls

The last two hours featured Open Lines with a special line for callers who wanted to share their "Most Frightening Moments." Chris from Prattville, Alabama, told George about a terrifying experience he had in a small rented mobile home. Chris said he was in the master bedroom one night when he heard footsteps in the kitchen. Something continued moving down the hallway and slammed into the bedroom door, causing it to move. According to Chris, when he finally opened the door it fell off its hinges. A video camera set up in the hallway the next night revealed what looked like a figure in white noise, he claimed.

Robert in Juneau, Alaska, described what he believes may have been an encounter with Satan, who appeared as a grey creature with horns and goat feet, similar to the mythological Pan. Robert did as his grandmother instructed him (should he ever come across the Devil) and swatted at the creature causing it to leave. Gary from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, remembered a heart-stopping confrontation he had during the waning days of the Vietnam War. Gary said he was near Monkey Mountain when he happened to drive his Jeep past 10 enemy Viet Cong. According to Gary, he looked at them and they stared at him, then each continued on their own way.

Time Machine

News segment guest, 13-year-old Gentill Abdulla, talked about his plan to build a time machine of his own design (related report). The device will work by producing a black hole, Abdulla explained, noting that one must travel through the singularity at the hole's center. Abdulla said he'd like to go into the near future, maybe a year or so, but pointed out that his machine could theoretically take a person millions of years forward in time.

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