Catherine Lanigan

Catherine Lanigan


Catherine Lanigan is a best-selling author and has earned awards for both fiction and non-fiction. Her Angel Watch Series of books has been translated into over a dozen foreign languages. Catherine has interviewed hundreds of people over the past twenty plus years and has chronicled their near-death experiences, visions and face-to-face meetings with angels.



Past Shows:

  • Angelic Help / Christmas 'Godwinks'

    On our live Christmas Eve show, Catherine Lanigan discussed sightings of angels. Followed by SQuire Rushnell with extraordinary "Godwinks" at Christmastime.More »
  • Angel Tales

    Best selling author, Catherine Lanigan, famous for writing Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile, discussed her latest work which chronicles real tales of divine intervention, encounters with angels, and after-death communications. "Every time I think I've heard it all,...More »
  • Angelic Encounters

    Catherine Lanigan, the author of numerous books, including Divine Nudges, discussed her work with people who have experienced angelic interventions. Angels, she said, fall into two groups-- winged beings, and those that appear as humans. In the latter category, once they have...More »
  • Catherine Lanigan

    Catherine Lanigan is the author of The Evolving Woman, Wings of Destiny, and the screenplay adaptations of the bestsellers Romancing the Stone, Jewel of the Nile and Tender Malice.More »