Economics of the Crash / Paranormal Update

Economics of the Crash / Paranormal Update


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsHarry S. Dent, Joshua P. Warren

In the first half of the show, economist specializing in demographics, Harry Dent discussed why we are in for a major crash just ahead, and a decade-long economic slump based on population demographics. The peak of the baby boomers' spending was from 1983 to 2007, and that's why we are seeing a cyclical drop off in the economy, he explained. "All this government stimulus isn't going to work because you can't get older people to spend their money," he added.

Dent predicted that real estate values will continue to fall another 20-30% between 2012-2015, before prices are stabilized. Debt needs to be restructured, and the "government should only reward banks that write down loans that free up consumers," he suggested. He also advised people to sell their stocks later this year, and get as liquid as possible, as he sees the Dow falling as low as 3300. Interestingly, he believes that the dollar will retain or go up in value during the crash. Based on demographics, he foresees a new global economic boom beginning somewhere between 2020–2022.


In the latter half, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren shared breaking news regarding a possessed statue. Art Bell recently contacted him about removing a 5 ft. tall wooden alien from his home that had been given to him by Rush Limbaugh. Though Art had had the statue for years, family members started claiming "the thing was coming to life and moving around from time to time." Warren said he's acquired the haunted object for his Museum in Asheville.

He also talked about anomalous footage captured with a 3rd generation Night Vision camera at the historic Antietam battlefield-- something unidentified is seen moving at the edge of the trees. He detailed a Michigan case in which a man was visiting a home where paranormal activity had taken place, and felt a horrible burning sensation on his side. When he pulled up his shirt, there was a set of painful claw-like blisters (see photo below). Warren related this to the lore of the Hellhounds-- creatures said to burst out from another dimension, and emanate an incredible heat.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Daniel Durda



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Just days ago, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren took this photo of a man's side that may have been scratched by the searing claws of an evil entity. These marks are actually painful, raised blisters. For more see,

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