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Mark Anthony, the "Psychic Lawyer," a medium who specializes in communication with spirits, made his debut on the show. He sometimes uses his psychic skills on his cases as a criminal defense attorney, and some of his legal clients have sought him out for his psychic edge, he noted. Interestingly, he's found that most of his clients who have addiction or impulse problems that have gotten them into trouble with the law, experienced the death of a loved one, and never fully dealt with the grieving process. This had led them to self-medicate or seek out adrenaline highs such as from shoplifting, he explained. The grieving process means accepting the reality of the death, and finding peace with it, he added.

In one of his cases as a medium, he gave a reading to a woman whose young son had been murdered by a sex offender. First, the boy's spirit came through, with a beautiful energy, but all of a sudden, the energy changed and darkened. The killer, who had been executed, came through asking for forgiveness. The boy then said, 'we must forgive him. Here, he isn't evil,' Anthony recounted. He believes there are different planes on the Other Side. For instance, a father who killed his children was in a lower realm than his kids-- they could visit him if they chose, but he couldn't ascend up to their location, he said.

Spirits are always surrounding the living-- at any time there could be as many as 50-60 spirits around us, and we are never alone, Anthony declared. He also talked about how world leaders have consulted with psychic advisors. One of the most influential was Jeane Dixon, who advised FDR, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and Richard Nixon. "What's really uncanny is that in 1956, she had a premonition that JFK would be elected...and that he'd die in office," he reported.

Remote Viewing Update

First hour guest, remote viewing instructor and technical dowsing practitioner Paul H. Smith shared updates. Remote viewers use a specific protocol to gather information and observations about a location or object, distant or hidden from them, he explained. Learning the technique can also enhance a person's intuition and help them distinguish between "noise and signal," he continued. Smith said he's been conducting experiments which suggest that the act of remote viewing can effect random event generators (machines thought to detect changes in group consciousness).

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