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Charles Bosworth Jr.

Charles Bosworth Jr.picture


Charles Bosworth Jr. was a newspaper reporter for the St. Louis Dispatch for 27 years. Among the true crime books he has authored are "A Killer Among Us" and "Every Mother's Nightmare."


Past shows:

Forensic Cases / Egyptian Energy Healing

Forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht discussed some of the high-profile cases he's worked on. Followed by Shelley A. Kaehr, Ph.D. on Edgar Cayce, past lives, and Egyptian energy healing. More »

Student Pressures

Journalist Alexandra Robbins returned for a discussion about her new book, The Overachievers, a narrative that documents the stress and pressures placed on a group of high school students. More »

Transgenics, Stargates & Aliens

Researcher Tom Horn returned to discuss such topics as transgenics, stargates and alien abduction. More »

Mars & Baghdad

Richard C. Hoagland returned to Coast this Thursday night drawing comparisons between parts of Baghdad and the planet Mars. He pointed out that recent satellite photographs taken of Baghdad show the same tetrahedral geometry that he has found in abundance in Cydonia. More »


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