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Banking Fraud/ Synchronicities

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Jerome Corsi, Dr. Kirby Surprise

In the first half, author Jerome Corsi reported on a banking fraud scandal, and also discussed a possible war looming between Israel & Iran. Whistleblower John Cruz (book link), a former employee of HSBC, has accused the banking giant he worked for of being involved in an international money laundering scheme involving billions of dollars. The bank used a series of fake accounts based on stolen identities to funnel money back to clients such as drug trade criminals, Corsi explained. The complicit nature of the management of the bank running the scheme suggests that someone in government-- like the CIA or Federal Reserve must have been aware of the wire transfers, he added. For more on this, see Corsi's recent articles for WND: 1, 2, 3.

The Iranian people don't want war but the radical zealot branch of Islam that controls their government continues to issue incendiary statements against Israel and the Jews, he commented. A nuclear-armed Iran could in fact knock out Israel, so Israel may have to launch a preemptive strike against them, he noted. However, Corsi argued for a more peaceful solution-- actively supporting freedom for the Iranian people so they can change their government from within.


In the latter half, psychologist Dr. Kirby Surprise talked about the connections between synchronistic events, and psychology and metaphysics. Synchronicity is a term coined by Carl Jung to describe when external events and the internal events of a person's mind seem to coincide perfectly. Human beings filter the environment for patterns of things we want to find, "so to some degree synchronistic events happen when you're thinking about something and your brain matches one of those patterns in the environment," he noted. Sometimes though, there are outrageous coincidences when events seem to be talking directly to us, such as when a TV announcer will say something relevant to what a person was just thinking or talking about. These occasions are a little harder to explain, he said.

By studying the history of the phenomenon, and the way the mind works, Dr. Surprise concluded "we're actually seeing a mirror of some of our own processes in the environment-- we actually are influencing the patterns of events around us." When you realize your unconscious involvement in the creation of events, "you have a tremendous opportunity...to talk to the environment and have it talk back to you. And what you're doing is talking to deeper levels of yourself," he suggested.

News segment guests: Robert Zimmerman, Thomas Greanias



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