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Filling for in for George, John B. Wells hosted 4 hours of unscreened Open Lines, which he dubbed 'Naked Lines.' John in Mansfield, Ohio, phoned in to inform listeners on how low-frequency, electromagnetic broadcasts are being used against the populace. "They're using mind control on everybody," he revealed. John said evidence for mind control can be seen in a person's eyes—they look dead. He further suggested that the election and re-election of Barack Obama was a result of this mind control effort.

Clarisse in Italy warned against globalists within our political and social circles who are intentionally planting the seeds for a New World Order. According to Clarisse, true freedom is an illusion and globalist-inspired laws are akin to black magic spells. She encouraged listeners to wake up and take united action against those plotting the world government.

Chris, a tarot reader from Toronto, told John about a scam involving some unethical tarot readers who make people believe they are cursed in order to extract money from them. Chris said in one case the victim was bilked for $10,000 for curse removal services. "You shouldn't be forking over your savings account, especially in times like these," he cautioned, noting that there are much better ways to deal with life's difficulties (or curses).

Dave in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, briefly shared his experiences in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy as well as his various UFO sightings. Dave said Sandy knocked out power in his 31-story high-rise for three days and he only recently got his internet connection back. He recounted the time when he was 17 years old and watched in awe with a friend as a giant flying rectangle flew overhead. He claimed to have witnessed a UFO in the shape of a diamond in 1988. Dave disclosed that he contacted the local FAA about it and was told that particular craft actually landed on their runway.

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