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UFO Encounters, Prophecy, & Open Lines

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Open Lines, Betsey Lewis

In the first half of the program, George Noory was joined by author, clairvoyant, and earth mysteries investigator Betsey Lewis for a discussion on her own UFO encounters and a prophetic message she was given. Lewis said she was born into "high strangeness," when at eight months old she and her parents had a UFO experience in which they lost two hours of time. To make sense of what had happened to her family she sought the help of UFO investigator Ann Druffel. According to Lewis, hypnotic regression sessions with Druffel revealed that her family had been abducted by "small gray aliens." Lewis recalled being taken aboard an alien craft and seeing her parents inside what appeared to be tubes.

Several years later Lewis had yet another UFO encounter, this time with what she described as a giant silver disc that changed diameter as it flew overhead following her around. Shortly after this strange sighting she began having vivid images of earth changes, often accompanied by painful headaches. Lewis believes these messages are indicators of dramatic things to come for our planet and have been foreshadowed by other bizarre events, such as dead birds falling from the sky, freaky fish die-offs and mysterious noises heard around the world. She predicted that a powerful earthquake will hit Indonesia and there may also be a serious solar event.

Lewis spoke about angels and ancient astronauts. Citing accounts by Old Testament prophet Ezekiel as well as the story of Lot, Lewis suggested that these biblical figures had encounters with time traveling ancient astronauts, not angels—though she believes these celestial beings do exist and help guide us. She suggested that ancient cities Sodom and Gomorrah were bombed into oblivion with nuclear/atomic weapons and pointed to sheets of green glass found at various sites around the world as evidence. She also tied the mystifying Fatima events to the 1997 Phoenix Lights incident, noting that like the city's mythical namesake our world is about to be reborn into a new spiritual awakening.


During Open Lines, Tina from Palmdale, California, told George that she has memories of visiting the moon. She recounted faint details about the journey there, such as wearing seat belts and the feeling of being pulled down, as well as her stay in "a little apartment nestled up along the side of a crater." Tina believes she must have been part of a secret military program and cited some evidence for that conclusion. She also admitted to having alien visitations and witnessing a softball-sized UFO one night in her bedroom.

Jeff in Sacramento recalled the peculiar time when he was driving in his pick-up truck and looked into the rear-view mirror to find that he could not see the glow of his tail lights. Jeff said he pulled over to check the lights and cannot be sure about what happened afterward. According to Jeff, the next day he felt a sharp pain behind his right ear as he was pushing his hair back. Even stranger, three cassette tapes in his vehicle would only play backwards from that night on. Michael in Cookeville, Tennessee, shared his theory that people who share the same blood type give each other energy whenever they are grouped together.

Richard C. Hoagland appeared at the beginning of the third hour with a Mars update.

News segment guests: Alex Jones / Mish Shedlock



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