Betsey Lewis

Betsey Lewis


Author, clairvoyant, and earth mysteries investigator, Betsey Lewis, inherited the gift of prophecy from her mother. As a small child she experienced the paranormal, receiving prophetic dreams of earth changes taking place worldwide now. After her second UFO encounter at the age of seven, she was given a message of utmost importance but told she must forget it until her adult years. Betsey has investigated UFOs, cattle mutilations, angels, aliens, and other earth mysteries for the past forty years. Betsey has also hosted the popular Rainbow Visions Network since 2009.



Past Shows:

  • New Years' Predictions for 2018

    In the first half, psychics Betsey Lewis, and Vincent Genna shared their predictions for 2018. Followed by listener predictions for the new year.More »
  • Prophecy & Eclipses/ Reptilians & Gods

    Pastor Mark Biltz connected solar eclipses with biblical prophecy and war. Followed by author Betsey Lewis on the Reptilian agenda.More »
  • Loss of the American Dream/ Earth Transformation

    In the first half, Harvard professor of public policy and author Robert D. Putnam discussed his groundbreaking examination of why fewer Americans today have the opportunity for upward mobility. In the latter half, author, clairvoyant, and earth mysteries investigator,...More »
  • GMO Battle / Otherside Communications

    In the first half, spokesperson on the health dangers of genetically modified foods, Jeffrey Smith, talked about the non-GMO uprising occurring in the US and around the world. Just this past May 24th, the "March Against Monsanto" took place in 47 states, and around the world,...More »
  • Time Travel / Mojave Desert Tales

    In the first half, Professor of theoretical physics Ronald Mallett gave an update on his quest to develop a time machine (he was originally inspired to do this after the early death of his father). In the latter half, clairvoyant, and earth mysteries investigator Betsey...More »
  • UFO Encounters, Prophecy, & Open Lines

    In the first half, George Noory was joined by author, clairvoyant, and earth mysteries investigator Betsey Lewis for a discussion on her own UFO encounters and a prophetic message she was given. Open Lines followed.More »

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