Alternative Treatments & Cancer

Alternative Treatments & Cancer


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsTy Bollinger, Carmen Boulter

Health freedom advocate and author Ty Bollinger discussed alternative treatments and approaches against cancer. He believes that cancer rates have greatly increased in the last thirty years due to toxic factors and carcinogens in the environment. Among the factors, he pointed to such things as chemtrails, GMO foods, aspartame, fluoride, and EMF which weren't in our environment decades ago. Bollinger believes these factors have compromised many people's immune systems, making them less able to identify cancer cells and destroy them, as would be done by a normally healthy individual. He cited an alarming statistic from the World Health Organization-- 41% of people alive today will eventually come down with some type of cancer.

We're not winning the 'War on Cancer' (declared by Pres. Nixon over 40 years ago), as more people are dying than ever before, and standard treatments like surgery, radiation and chemotherapy have remained largely unchanged over the years. The reason, perhaps, that things have stayed the same is that these standard approaches are extremely lucrative, Bollinger remarked, adding that 'Big Pharma' seeks profits for their medications, while there's an effort to push people away from natural remedies.

Breast cancer and prostate cancer could be associated with a lack of exercise, he reported, as exercise stimulates the lymphatic system-- a primary detoxification system in the body. Bollinger recommends jumping on a mini-trampoline for 20 minutes a day, which he says is a great activator for the lymph system. He also commented on cases where parents are forced to agree to chemo treatments for their children when they have cancer, which he considers a usurping of parental rights. For a list of alternative cancer treatments, check out a recap from his 2/1/11 show appearance.

Sunken Artifacts & Atlantis

First hour guest, author, filmmaker, and teacher Carmen Boulter talked about an underwater discovery of Egyptian period artifacts. Because of a UNESCO regulation, the artifacts must be kept in the sea water they were found in in order to be preserved. The artifacts were from a city called Thonis (Egyptian name) or Heracleion (Greek name), which was submerged by a series of earthquakes, the final one in the 8th century AD. Boulter announced that she's working on a new documentary series called The New Atlantis-- she believes the main land mass of Atlantis (about the size of Texas) was submerged in a location near the Azores, after an asteroid hit in 13,660 BC.

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