Self Sufficiency & Sovereign Lifestyle

Self Sufficiency & Sovereign Lifestyle


HostJohn B. Wells

GuestsJohn Bush

Self sufficiency experts John Bush and Catherine Bleish joined John B. Wells for a discussion on how to live a sovereign lifestyle, without the need for state interference. Bush said he was motivated to seek other systems for organizing society after discovering the extent to which the federal government had become corrupted and acquired unchecked power at the expense of individual liberty. "There's always different avenues [people] can take to become more self-sufficient and take more responsibility for their lives," he explained, noting his current focus on building alternative institutions for food production, healthcare and community defense. Society should be based on mutual beneficial voluntary associations instead of coercive hierarchies and 'good ole boy' networks, Bush proposed.

"I see a vision for a series of sustainable and autonomous communities that will spring up throughout the entire world of people who are fed up with the status quo," he continued, pointing to the Zapatista community in Mexico and the Free State Project in New Hampshire as examples. According to Bush, the path to viable sovereignty involves decentralizing power and living in smaller communities with like-minded individuals. Decentralization allows people to come up with their own unique way of dealing with problems that are a better fit for the community, Bleish added, blaming endemic police abuse on the systematic way the Department of Homeland Security has organized how local and state law enforcement operate.

"This large government does not solve the problem it claims to solve," she said, claiming it brings more violence and poverty to society and siphons wealth from the public for the elite at the top. Bush and Bleish believe the state is in its final death throes and warned against relying on centralized government institutions when the collapse finally comes. Bleish reiterated the importance of being involved in alternative institutions before the system crashes. Bush advocated building better institutions and demonstrating their efficacy so people will choose the better way. The two encouraged listeners to invest in their own independence and look for ways to volunteer within their communities to solve common problems.


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